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Jets DBs

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

We're onto the defensive backs now. Yikes. Our legion of boom. Except instead of boom its doom. Seriously call protected services cause this cog has been neglected

"But the Jets have the leagues 2nd ranked rush defense... "

Yeah well i would too if every team i play kneels the ball 20 times in the 4th quarter.

It's like Revis island has sunk into the sea and has released a 10 year tsunami aftershock that has drowned every jets franchise (village) in sight.

They just suck and have sucked for so many years. Theyve been such a liability. Maybe it's the law of averages and after Revis we were due for duds (--...but then wheres our side of the deal for every other position?) They're young right now. But that's about it

In other words, the defensive backs are a battalion without the lion. More cubs if we're being friendly...

Battal-emurs if not.

^ good representation of our DB's after burned by some no named undrafted practice team signing who got bumped into a starting role after the 1st,2nd and 3rd string WRs are sitting out apart of a game time decision.


or after any DBs after they get their first interception in 12 games:

It's the squeakiest wheel that hasn't gotten the oil. And If you haven't been following the Jets, or havent been able to pick up my vibe in general - the Jets have been operating a squeaky 18 wheeler.. a dollar general shopping cart.

It's been hell.

But before I can understand whats going on now - I must visit the past.

Because it wasnt long ago that we had the foundation you dream of.

It's Feb 2006 and the beginning of head coach Eric Mangini's era. The "Mangenius". And people were actually buying and wearing jerseys that said that.

The GM's now Mike Tannebaum and together with Mangini they use their two 1st round picks (john abraham trade -which broke my little heart) and inject youth into our offensive line with Nick Mangold and D'Brick Ferguson. Who turn pretty good. All Pros NYJet Hall of fame good. (and fuck you cause thats still good).

They were soon to be paired up with Alan Faneca and Damien Woody. The people they blocked for: Thomas Jones, LT, Shonn Greene. TONY RICHARDSON.

Jets have their ground and pound to work with their dominating defense . They have their identity. Which you cant spell with tit. Who was Mark Sanchez. FUCK.

The very same downfall of our success. The unfortunate epitome of our demise. Either foreshadowing.. or embodying, just pick a the term for him - cause they both apply.

Because of our solid foundation; the perfect combination of home grown talent and free agency tailored to their role -- we could ignore the red flags.

It was that immediate success which created a lack of urgency towards player development.

Like Mark Sanchez replacement was drafted 4 years later. He wasnt good. And just like us, we entered a rebuild.

" And this was supposed to be about the Jets cornerbacks?"

..stay with me

The 2008 season ends as it started. A let down.

Our 2008 season starts great at 8-3, but it ends in an epic 1-5 crumbled collapse to miss the playoffs at 9-7. Yeah it was bad. So bad that GM Mike Tannenbaum fires the Mangenius and in comes Rex Ryan who brings along MLB Bart Scott and S Jim Leonhard from Baltimore to revitalize this team.

Tannebaum and Ryan trade up to the 5th overall pick for QB Mark Sanchez.

And the run begins.

"the higher the high - the harder the fall"

We All know what happens. Back to back years of AFC Championship appearances. Mark Sanchez can't get it done. We're exposed for everything were worth.

Its like after Mangold / DBrick/ Revis - we took our foot off the pedal:

2008 We draft all time bust Vernon Gholsten. Who just like us, looked great on paper.

09 Mark Sanchez

2010 right After the first playoff run we go with cornerback Kyle Wilson in the first round. Bust. "But we have Revis"

2011 nterior defensive line Mo Wilkerson - an above average starter - but. hewasnt a game changer. Surely not worthy of a 1st round draft pick. But we find comfort. New trend. Invest in interior defenslive line. Widen the goal posts. Replacable position that easier to slip thru the cracks in terms of average-ness

2012 outside edge lineback Quinton Coples, bust.

I mean i have to stop and make note that these are not borderline busts. They're Bust busts. So busty theyd make Pam Anderson proud. But unlike those hooters, these picks were horrible. Never saw the end of their rookie contracts with us.

Also worth noting - after 2006 - we dont draft any Oline in first 3 rounds until 2019. started a "Spray and pray" technique. Another soon to be new trend where we draft guys late in the draft in hopes of hitting gold. And when the starter leaves we just expect them to step up and be a player.

So not only our the 1st round picks not hitting - but our later guys aren't stepping in, our pipeline is weak. The water is running dry. If Depth wasn't such a non- issue, you could say the Jets GM and coaches were drowning.

" And this was supposed to be about the Jets cornerbacks?"

By this time we dont resign Revis to his 3rd extention. We let him go

So we trade Revis away for draft picks and draft his replacement, defensive back -- Dee Miliner: ANOTHER bust. Thats 2 defensive backs in the first round over 5 years. Both are total flops.

Revis ends up in New England and wins a championship.

The year after Dee Milliner we draft safety Calvin Pryor. Bust. Again?? YOu have to be shitting me!

The Jets apparantly decide that we'll never get this whole draft thing figured out again for the Dbacks (bags) --

We sign Revis BACK. But now he's near 30. And when he said he wanted revenge, we didnt realize it was on us. He only sees 2 years of his 5 year $70M deal. Yeah. Good for him.

Yikes -- rebuild time again. But surely we'll switch up our strategy/? Take on a new approach. -- right? Draft some Offensive line, maybe corner back? MAYBE EDGE. Not interior defensive line. Not ridiculous contracts to out of prime age cornerbacks? Wrong.

We draft interior defensive lineman Leonard Williams. He doesnt see the end of his rookie contract with us , nor a QB to sack.

We sign corner back Trumaine Johnson to a very Revis like, massive contract. Same exact outcome. No production. Especially with 0 pass rush - he's exposed.

Trumaine sees 2 years of his contract. We draft Jamal Adams and that whole saga. Unfortunate ending there -

In the mean time we draft ANOTHER defensive lineman in Quinnen Williams but this time with the 3rd overall pick.

The only thing i can say here, is he's young. And maybe the law of average thing flips finally here for us. But at the moment, Quinnen has done absolutely nothing besides lose his braces.

" And this was supposed to be about the Jets cornerbacks?"

We don't even try drafting/ get aggressive for a cornerback in the early rounds. We just instead take those *should be* 6th round depth picks projects (who still turn out to SUCK) and just toss them in the mix. So Yeah, no confidence, no help - no chance. Along with the 1st round defensive line flops trotting out that joke of a pass rush, of course these corners get slaughtered.

But its a totally different DB room now. And MAYBE our defensive back room is the leagues backwash.

But at least there are no old players on wild deals... and expectations couldnt be lower.. there's also the whole "law of averages thing"

Plus new GM Joe Douglas has already shown aggression taking the risk on UVA corner off injury Bryce Hall. And making the draft day trade for recent 2nd round pick Quincy Wilson on an expiring contract.

SO These are the current guys we have at DB currently:

Brian Poole (incubent starter)

Pierre Dessir (2019 Colts)

Bless Austin (2019 6th round pick that may, probably wont, be gold)

Quincy Wilson (2019 Colts, Joey D traded 2020 6th round pick for him)

Nate Hairston (2019 Colts - Macagnan traded 2020 6th for him before last season. He did nothing)

Arthur Maulet (macagnan signing)

Bryce Hall (rookie - on Covid thing right now - still coming off college injury *5th round pick)

Lamar Jackson (rookie. the other Lamar Jackson. Undrafted rookie)

Javelin Guidry (rookie. Undrafted rookie)

Some background on the main dudes:

Pierre Desir / Brian Poole (slot).

Desir had a bad , injury plagued season with the Colts last year. Which led to them cutting him after one year into his 3 year $22m deal. Thats no bueno. But lets call it a new start - 1 year prove it deal. The Colts had a strong locker room (before covid opt outs) and with new rookie Rock along with the Defensive change to zone - he was a casualty. I dont buy the excuse tho of scheme changes. I think if you can ball, you ball. And if youre so great at man coverage - a coach tailors to that..

Anyways - A street car named Desire has bounced around the league since being drafted in 2014. And seems to be a lock for the starting spot.

Keep in mind he's onln one year removed from his 2018 campaign where he was the PFF ranked 18th best cornerback. So who knows - maybe last year he wasn't as motivated . Either way - plenty of opportunity for him to prove hes not a 1 year que-- fear

Brian Poole is the incumbent starter. A bright side for the DB room. He's great in the slot and just resigned with us on another 1 year deal. PFF had him ranked as the 9th best CB last year. And at 27 your hoping he goes all out this season in hopes for a big contract next year.

Then we have CB Quincy Wilson. Joe Douglas sent a 6th round pick for the 2017 2nd round pick. He's only 23 years old , and although considered a bust in the Chris Ballad / Frank (all)Reich era - he's a physical player with 8 defended passes and only 2 interceptions over the 29 games, 10 of which he started (3 total years) with the colts. Hopefully he's pissed and comes motivated. He should be a lock on the team.

Then theres the guy everyones looking at. Blessuan Austin . Hopefully he steps up.

Physical guy with a Super cool name -- yeah. Youre thinking - "hes right"

Blessuan was a rookie last year (6th round pick) who came into the league after 2 ACL tears at Rutgers.. He came in mid-season and did alright until he his end of the year benching. Could very well see him a surprise cut after Gregg Williams doggie styled him in the dog house over the final last stretch of games.. And Maybe it was only a warning shot. A fear tactic, mental test by Greg to-the -Double-G Williams.. But him being a Maccagnan pick; I wouldnt be surprised if he's a goner.

Anyways crazy high expectations for the tri-state native by Jets fans. Almost too high. It's just our first home grown talent looking good in forever. Its like a Antonio Allen meets Revis.

Not to mention the whole coolest name ever aspect. He's super physical and shows a potential with his good vision. I mean look at him murder that man in the 2nd play below in video. He reads/reacts perfectly.

Now onto the rookies/other guys

Some things to note about the new Rookies:

Bryce Hall - UVA - returned his senior year and was projected a 1st round pick before an ankle injury required surgery and had him out for the entire season. He's on Covid designation - meaning he may have been in contact with someone in the last couple weeks. They also could be buying time for him to recover. He can still rejoin team later this month. Wouldnt be surprised if he didn't, and sat out the entire year.

But a serious dark horse candidate. And unless we put him on IR - he's got the build up and resume to be something exciting .

Guidry ran a 4.29 . Super fast. Competed in US indoor track and field last year. Finished 6th in 60 meter. "Sticky" slot corner t 5'9 and 193lbs.. Potential Brian Poole replacement in a year. He's got the track speed and put up 21 reps on the bench press during the combine. Total freak. two time All-Pac12 . Not gonna make the best hands team, but his athletic profile makes him a great fit for Williams aggressive style. I was mentioning his likliness to Brian Poole. -both came out of college undrafted and undersized. I dont think we let this guy go

Lamar Jackson- he's 6' 3". 215. 3 year strter at Nebraska. Good hands. Potential Safety move.

Shy (L') heim Carter. Cornerback from Alabama. Currently on the Covid naughty list. Should be rejoining soon.

Now the with a NEW opportunity here.

The other Colt - Nate Hairston - but he was a Macagnan trade last year during last year. He hasnt done much. I think he gets cut. In favor of the young guys.

Then there is Arthur "jussie" (s)Maulet who got the starting spot end of last year and earned a Douglas resigning after the season. But This guy , a lot like is nickname - is a total mystery. Does he gain a starting spot? Does he get cut? Is he the real deal? Or a fraud?

I'm going with 7 cornerbacks.

Jets make the exception on an unconventional 7 because whilst theyre keeping some of the leagues backwash ; i dont thnk Joe Douglas sits back while the league gets an opportunity to pass out fliers on rookies during a strange season. Joe got 4 young corners - you have to think he ensures to holds on to at least 2 of them on opening day roster.

Secondary has been a forever problem - more specifically the cornerbacks. But there's reason for excitement.. Not only are we talking odds, but there is some juice to sell.

The versatility of Ashyton Davis who should get looks at both corner and safety. The guys hungry on expiring contracts. An undrafted dawg leader in McDoogs. A new, clear slate. And have i mentioned the law of averages? Cause we have a new era. Its the Joe Douglas era. And thats a whole lot of sizzle.

MY Prediction for this group this season:

Starters: Desir / Poole / Quincy Wilson

Depth: Blessuan Austin, Arthur Maulet, Bryce Hall, Javelin Guidry

Practice Squad:

Lamar Jackson / Shyheim Carter

Spray and pray baby. Spray and pray.

Good energy?


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