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Jets Browns

Jets +7

Its a common theme here people. My people.

Home team when given points.

I dont care whose out i dont care whats been going on. Hell you may as well call me illiterite... but dont call me illegitimate.

Like death, taxes and the pursuit of freedom -

im on a mission here screaming to fade the public.

So will you join me in this journey of thinking inside the box and taking the points? Because Together we can be invincible. Because once you fade the public, you arent the public.

And you know what they say -- public is 1 e and a lic away from you eating pubes.

What else do you need?


Well i also put this video together for my #csb people. For my Jets. For this MOnday night "lets get out of that terrible sunday hole" start to the week.

its already 10-0 Jets if your keeping count.

Lets ride the sybian for pleasure packed Monday night. Dont be like the public, And dont call me pathetic. (Because I made this video. and Hank Williams is an American Hero)

go jets

see you soon



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