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Ho Hum. Another day, another 9 strikeouts from Jacob DeGrom. Jake pitched 7 scoreless innings today giving up 4 hits en route to a Mets 4-0 victory at home.

That brings his season ERA to 2.86 and his career day-game ERA to 1.86, good for lowest in the history of baseball since 1913. He's like Superman. He draws power from the sun.

After a few less than stellar outings to start the year, Jake is back to his dominant self. The Mets bullpen has posted an NL best 3.07 ERA since the All Star break. Conforto is hitting. Cano is hitting. McNeil and Alonso stay hitting. Rosario has a chance to be a 20/20 guy. The Mets always suck ass in June and then inspire hope in August. Let's see if Brodie can be patient and let this team come around. 8 games under .500 and 8 games out of the WC. Who cares. In the wise words Jake Taylor (another legendary Jake), sometimes when the world is rooting for you to lose, there's only there's only one thing left for you to do...

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