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Its a blind pig

and im not talking about my usual friday night victims. Knicks are back, theyre 1-0 (preseaon) and are ready already for playoffs. Were 1-0 and were already in mid season shape.

The knicks beat up a wizards team whose roster wouldnt survive the NIT.

WHile on the otherhane, Joe Lunardi - (the lunatic) would easily have the Knicks as 1 of the last 4 in to the tournament... Only to lose in the round of 64.

The Knicks are emboddiying the age old expression:

"Its only gonna get harder before it gets easier"

And what am i going to do? You bet your candy ass im going to keep watching and keep believing.

Cause fuck it! Play Bobby Portis at point. I want to see Mitchel at the two, Julius at the three and James Dolan at center.

But who cares. . im not looking for the on court results, because if i was id mention we beat the Wizards monday.

Truth is - its all about the gut test. and if theres anything that matters at all its:

I cant wait for Morris to use Porzingus' legs as a tooth pick

Go knicks


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