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It Was A Lifetime Ago

How it seems to be forever ago.

Back to those simpler times. When a man didnt order charcouterie boards at dinner. Now we're back to living in lesser times - where you cant get your free refill on your soda and where finding the right bread for your signifcant other has turned into a form of torture.

The fruit flies are back.

(Why not.)

Those fucking little bugs. August isnt even half way over with but im already feeling my seasonal depression kick in. Mets miss the playoffs and the Jets start the season 0-4. And christ i cant even begin thinking about whats going to go on up in my cranium once the Knicks season begins.

But read along with the tone here and feel the rhythm of the sheep - its happening.

Less than a week ago. Litterally 4 days ago i felt like i was on top of the world. Those back to back wins had me feeling untouchable like a middle aged woman that just showed up to epsteins island.

2 losses in a row - and tonight could just be that final "turkey" kick in the nuts to remind us who we really are.

SO we are back to the more complicated times - back to reality, where you need to put wheatgrass on your chest and soak your toilet paper before wiping your ass. We may remember what it was like, but lets never forget.

RIP 7.12.2019-8.10.2019

I hope you enjoyed it while you can.

Becuase i didnt. All i thought about was not jinxing it. I thought about it durijng the NFL draft, during the NBA lottery. And the only thing that hits me like a ton of bricks every morning is how once we start talking about the Mets here on the CSB comedy sportz business, they so clearly start slipping.

But these guys are repeat offenders. Like too much negativity, Pio. We did get Maccagnan fired. So like weve got that for some good energy.

See ill be the first to admit how much Ive talked before about causation = correlation .. but likewise, ive also talked about pasta water for an unhealthy amount of time.

So lets keep riding it out. Lets keep enjoying this feeling of still being alive for the moment. LETS KEEP THE GOOD FUCKING ENERGY UP PEOPLE. I CANT DO IT ALONE OVER HERE



"One man whose nuts have been sweating since 2012"

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