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It's Draft Day

The sun shines just a little bit brighter this morning as we are 0 sleeps away from the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft.

Finalize your mocks. Send out your tweets. Put your predictions in stone and have your retractions at the ready. My only wish is that they bring the draft back to Radio City Music Hall (Go New York Go) and hold rounds 1-2 on Saturday and 3-7 on Sunday. It was the perfect weekend activity in late April after the Masters and NCAA Basketball hype have come to a halt. A man can dream...

As is tradition on draft day, here is the Jimmy Johnson trade pick value chart for all the CSB fans to reference when the draft trades inevitably go down. Don't let Mel or Todd tell you if the trade was fair. Consult the oracle.

May all of your favorite team's dreams come true. Today is better than the Superbowl. It's 32 Superbowls.

Remember... Vontae Mack no matter what.

Final Kavamock to be posted tonight.

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