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i like the knicks tonight

and i wish i had a recording of myself saying that everytime.. just so i can stopmyself from saying it.

its like One of those, if i had a penny for everytime i said it things. Except that penny is a piece of twine. And that twine is yarned into a rope to kill myself with.

Knicks at Magic tonight. a true battle of the spideman meme except the two spidermen/she/it are teams that are always such a dissapointment. its one of those "whose going to show their cards first as both teams only wins have been against unanimous jokes"(cavs/bulls)

My guess for the starting lineup for the Knicks is

Frank, RJ, Morris, Randle, Robinson. I need Knox to play more than 23 minutes a game - and espcially not come into the game when were potentially down 5-10 points.

But besides that, im excited for the vucevic / robinson matchup, if fitz doesnt fuck up and put Mitchel on Aaron gordon. Mitchel hasnt shown me he isnt dynamic enough to cover the outside or some stretch center. Plus he gets into foul trouble often, so covering someone more physical like aaron gordon wont help his cause.

i dont know man i just want to see mitchell shut down vucevic and i want the rise ofRJ to continue with him going off for a career high 30+. I want Franky, whose alone at point with both payton and DSJ out tonight, to win the job and be the lockdown threat he wouldve been if he wasnt a knick. But most importantly, I just dont want fizdale to frustrate me with his lineups any more.

something i do know:

im just not worried about guys like fultz, aaron gordon and especailly no mo bamba.

AND look, I know its early, but the magic teams leading scorer is the one and only evan fournier with 19 a game. And although Evan "garnier fructis" Fournier has killed us in the past, i like RJ/Knox up against him.

But i know, its way too early into the season to make a judgment call on the magics defense who are giving up 97 a game, which for those of you who dont think its too early, is best in the league. So thats interesting. Because now the magic and their 2nd worst scoring offense at 96 a game isnt as sad.. they just dont score though SO even if its early, the magic being 0-3 against the spread makes you think . Makes you think whats going to happen when they gotta deal with Frank all game.

On the other end, the knicks are averaging 105.... are giving up 112 a game. And although early, they lead the league in steals and rebounding.

yea, i know, "pio got access to some stats" and "its early"

What does this all tell me?

Probably nothing. But if i had to push out a take like a morning after a bowl of buttery penne, then id say we're well equipped to steal this ugly, ugly game.

its a classic collision of two inconsistent teams - and we get the advantage because were the good guys.

Knicks are given 8.5 points. So if your like me, your fadin the people who are fading the public and taking the Knicks moneyline at +375.


Trae went off for for 38 against these guys. Frank can too

Some prop bets im going for:

Knicks +3 in the 1q

RJ Barret over 1.5 blocks/steals +100

Barret will hav a double double posting 35/11 +260

you guessed it, barret over 16.5 points scored -110

Mitchel Robinson over 15.5 points and rebounds +100

technically for all this to happen, you gotta hope for the over at 209.5.

also everything will make sense with the paragraph below.


....look everything i just said above, do the opposite...

Were getting smoked tonight . Itll be the first 100 point game of the year for the Magic as Fournier goes off for 30 and Aaron Gordon jumps through the hoop.

(No chance. Had to say it for jinx. Lets go Knicks)

Seriously take the knicks moneyline and the over at 209.5. I know i will.

"Push it to the limit" - brody stevens


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