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i dont like the knicks

and truth be told, i never have. Never have and never will. If theres a will theres a way and this Pio just willed himself into a month of not watching the knicks , the jets or anything else thats a rolling excuse machine. It took me 1000 spankings. But ive finally seen the light.

Its like the straw that broke the camels back. But its horrible rotations and inept coaching/management that broke my TV. (I need a new one). Call it the wedgie that broke the camel toe because ive been punted in the nuts for the billionth time. i need a break

Why do we play with 4 forwards at a time? And in a game where Frank, Dotson, and Painless Wayne Ellington are our only guards - why is a perfectly healthy Trier sitting on the bench?

In my blog before the game I hoped Frank was going to wake up. And there was a moment in the 4th where Frank had the chance too. He was the only guard in and "the French bitch" was too busy hiding in the corner than being a man and going and getting the fucking ball to run an offense.

So yeah. Someone had to wake up after the other night. And that someone was me. It seems like i was speaking existentially, my inner concious sending cryptic messages to wake me up from this nightmare.

Because what else has to give?

Nothing. The big 4 rotation has killed me. So Congrats Fizdale. I hope your happy.

This big 4 on the floor rotations is absolutely horrendous. Everytime theyre on we look so lost and dischelved that lose any pace. In fact i think we set our franchise back 3 years for every time those 4 are on the floor together. I mean we scored 16 in the fourth quarter. Maybe an indication that closing up with Morris and Portis and Randle is worse than having a tradional, i dont know, Mitchell Robinson. Because heres to another game when Robinson doesnt see 20 mins on the court. Another game where he loses out time to these guys.

Which is the 2nd worst part of watching all this shit unravel on the court. You kno robinson could be out there learning in this lost season and youd like to at least see him out there for the potential momentum plays hes capable of. But the worst part of watching all these guys out there is you dont see 3, or 2 .. or even 1 of them in the paint looking to get physical. Its All four of them hanging on the perimeter. Thats Taj Gibson, Morris, Randle and Bobby Portis sitting on the 3 point line like theyre the splash zone? ..give me a break.

So there will be only one more take here. And thats the taking of things into my own hands.

See Im done . Ive tapped out. Lets just say youve fooled me for whts definitely not the last time, but for effect lets cal it the last time. Because whats the definition of insanity? Probably repeating to yourself what the definition of insanity is... That and being a Knicks fan.

During the month of November im devoting myself to two things. Looking at those perfect boobies greased up on the turkey gif that everyone and their grandma sends to eachother on thanksgiving:

And the other, a more offbroadway type hip trend.

But its not like trending trending. its more like Underground trending.. so its like trending if trending wasnt trending. I mean Reddit doesnt even know of it. So dont bother looking it up cause its probably too edgy for you.

Its called NaNoWriMo. And im partaking.

....And I swear if it wasnt for that juicy Knicks 1Q moneyline (or +3 if you were a coward) , id stop gambling entirely .. But theres still some bullets in the chamber, and im still having sex. So take the Jets moneyline this weekend. Or get your sweat on to the titans panthers under.

Besides that your welcome. Pio is signing off for the month of NaNoWriMo because its time to commit. And Marriage is way too main stream.


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