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i dont know whats going on here

i understand the purpose of fielding the field - feeling out worth. But if this is the case, what the point of Gase? Fire Gase and start up the rumor mill because just say we dont trade away jamal or robby or whoever.. how are they going to look their coaches or management in the eye tomorrow? Let alone when its time to resign?

Its a horrible approach and the only reason were in this situation is because of horrible ownership. Yes i have ascended to the ownership. The final piece of the take puzzle.

I dont understand why its had to be such a sweat all day, and why this Jamal Adams nonsense actually got so serious. Why would we ever get rid of such a guy. Why would it be him before Gase?

Are we actually going to be stuck with Gase after this season?

So many questions and still 5 minutes to go.


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