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Governor Cuomo calls on CSB to hold free stand-up shows to prevent people from gathering in crowds

UPPER WEST SIDE -- Governor Andrew Cuomo has called on local publication "Comedy Sports Business" or "CSB" to host free stand-up comedy shows to prevent people from gathering in public areas.

"We continue to evaluate our options to slow down the spread of the COVID-19 virus and at this time feel that the folks at Comedy Sports Business are our best chance to keep people from gathering in large crowds." said Gov. Cuomo. "We took a look at their audience metrics and it's clear that no one wants to listen to these guys attempt to make jokes, both on stage and on the internet."

Comedy Sports Business co-founders Master Pio and The Kav Dog responded to the Governor's request in video fashion:

Master Pio and The Kav Dog from Comedy Sports Business are scheduled to perform in Central Park on April 3rd.

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