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Franks Best

Updated: May 12, 2020

brought to you by Franks Red Hot . Which is very fitting for the man with the Toscana temper

Heres a quick list of epsiodes involving Frank Costanza that come to mind.. SO you keep in my mind that ive kept in mind how i cant possibly mention all storylines, scenes, and screamers.. theres too many. But today is a day where there can never be enough tribute blogs or videos for one of the greats

To start things off:

The Strike.. Season 9 episode 10. Festivus. Feats of strength.. "I got a lot of problems with you people"

The Doll - season 7 episode 17. Something about Kramer and Frank paying pool. And the pants trick learned by the Maestro which leads all of them to be playing pool in their underwear..

Plus Kramer and Frank were a top 3 -- if not the best tag team duo on Seinfeld.. id love a matchup of kramer and frank VS slipper pete and schlomo

The Fusilli Jerry season 6 episode 21. stopping short, "one in a million doc. one in a million"

The Serenity Now season 9 episode 3 - its tattooed on my biceps

And im just gonna cut theshit. every second Frank Costanza was in a scene it was memorable. Every episode. So Lets not kid oursevles here anymre. No more lists.. Just clips. Because This is hurting too much

That was Jerry Stillers first appearance as Frank:

He played Frank in 26 out of the 29 episodes that Mr. Costanza appeared in... and heres an interview from Jerry Stiller on how he stuck the role / created Frank. After a few cuts that werent sitting well with him, he went to Larry David and asked to do it his way. Beautiful stuff.

And we continue

ANd lastly, a straight 8 min supercut of everything Frank Costanza. So hopefully youve kept in mind how i told you to keep in mind cause ive been keeping in mind... but maybe together we can try and cover every scene Jerry Stiller appeared in.

His career obviously ranged way more than Seinfeld. Cause Jerry Stiller was endless comedic gold. and i hope wherever he is now... its a little more or less something like this

The Upper West Side lost a legend today


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