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Feelings Hurt

Theres been a different tone this offseason at One Jets Drive. With a New GM, new coaches, new players, the ways of Bowles and Maccagnan are a thing of the past. Theres a new sense of communication and confidence.

The new installment? A 'feelings report' for the defensive. Any player who puts up an argument or gets upset after being called out gets put on the Feelings Report board and has to do pushups or whatever punishment admissable by death for acting out.

Noted by soon to be All Pro, already Pro Bowler, franchise favorite and culture changer Jamal Adams :

“We don’t tolerate that as a defense,..We communicate, we hold each other accountable and as long as we’re on the same page we’ll be fine and like I said we’ll give ourselves a chance.”

Its definitely an interesting approach with a funny name but hell some times you gotta do that when you need to start standing out from the rest...And some might say its an "outside the box" approach. I say "go to hell". its the opposite. Its not an outside the box approach Its an inside the box approach. Everyones trying to think outside the box with their sensitivity trainings and therapy. Well were getting right back inside the box (going down on chicks) and calling people out for being cry babys

No more complaining and no more poor mentality

Its a feelings report and if you cant handle it well go to our northern border and play for canada or the buffalo bills. (its the same thing) No more selfishly trying to save your ass because if you do... Well your backs gonna hurt cause you just pulled landscaping duty


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