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Feelin Kinda Sunday

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Hey Mr. Sunlight...

It’s NFL Sunday. Week 1. They tried to stop us. Covid be damned. Race riots be damned. The apocalyse be damned. It’s time to play some football.

Everyone enjoy a nice, safe, Sunday from the couch. Don’t fall for the propaganda of going to a bar. Everyone knows the best seat in the house is always in your house, on the couch, with complete clicker/snacks/drinks/bathroom control.

And while you’re at it, here are my “Week 1 After No Preseason Might As Well Bet The Board Special” picks:

NE -7

BAL -7.5

NYJ +6.5

CAR +3

SEA -1

PHI -6

CHI +2

IND -7.5

GB +2.5

CIN +3

ARZ +7

NO -3.5

LAR +2

PIT -6

Locks: Baltimore, Green Bay, Philly, New Orleans, Pittsburgh

Bold Prediction: Joe Burrow wins his debut giving half of Cincinnati a heart attack and getting the other half pregnant.

This is the first post I’ve ever written from my phone. Monumental Day for CSB. We’ve gone plaid.

God Bless.

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