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Feelin kinda sameday

different day, same feeling:

its such a joke im numb to it. Seriously. The only thing going through my mind, besides a mcgriddle, is when will it end?

Maybe when i stop thinking about mcgriddles? Cause its gotten to that point.

No matter what turn i take, what corner i cut, what take i make - ill be watching you. And the inevitable., well is the inevitable. The Knicks havent won a game because were busy with 8 powerforwards on the court chucking up threes - and the Jets cant win a game because they have no clue of consistency. Thank the Namath gods the Mets season ended in a slow motion car crash because it lubed me up for all this bullshit.

I dont know where to start - the Knicks or the Jets.

So im going to bounce back and forth until i confuse myself and abrutly end this blog.

Good, you got it?

The Knicks have no idea who to turn to when we need to go for the juggular and the Jets dont know how or where to start. Its gotten so bad and you can see it translate on both sides of the football. They stopped caring and so have I -- which is understandable and regalrdess works with my internal clock on the Jets since were nearly half way through the season.

And as badly as i want to bounce off that say 3 games into the season is late for Knicks standards - I wont. Because we should, at the very least, have had our first win of the season by now. But its what happens when you combine an unmovable object (dolan/johnson) with a piss poor head coach. Seriously. I heard Fizdale cant pee well.

We saw 2 different shades of it Saturday night and Friday night. On Friday, the Knicks went on what seemed to be a 15 -0 run against the Nets to take the lead with 3:30 left....only to never score again ... and on Saturday they went to halftime against the Celtics with the lead to return with no fire and get absolutely pummeled.

(lock of the season may very well be on the away team, when the Knicks are home, to win the 3Q...and game)

Its not all I can say, but Its some of what I can say, and it goes for JUST the Jets, and the Knicks. Teams rally off defense. Theres no better Defensive than good energy and thats scientific. You show me a fire that hasnt been put out - and ill show you a lack of communication, teamwork, and water. But a team that clearly has no respect for its coach like the Jets do are going to keep crumbling like ol' nanas apple crumble pie. Especially when the play calls are how they are.

We run the ball only 9 times in a game? In a game where the Jags had a handful of injuries. In a game thats conditions were primed for some rumbling?

I mean how in anyones right mind with 5 mins left in the 4th are you going to solely rely on wayne ellington? Be Proactive , not reactive, Fizdale. Yeah Wayne hit some shots - but you really think hes just going to close out a 4th quarter game 5-5 from 3? Hes not the next coming of christ, for christ sake. We take the lead - now lets be one step ahead of the other.

Like, for example, tieing the game up 7-7 after our 1st drive of the game leads us to a TD. Which by the way was the fist in 15 games. For 15 games we didnt end our first possession with a TD. For 15 games our defense has had to return on the field with nothing more than 3 points for offense. Thats even tiring for me to type.

So, Adam, our Defense just got shredded and gave up a TD. BUT Darnold and the offense converted a couple 3rd downs and eventually scored. Great stuff. Now lets now get behind the drivers wheel.

What do we do?

Back to passing the ball. Which leads to an intereption. Run it, screen it, bop it, punt it. Just dump it off. For the love of god put Mitchell Robinson in for the last minute and a half when were up by 3 against the Nets. Switch it the fuck up.

Why must you be so difficult. Why must brain hurts?

Just do the exact opposite of everything youve ever done before in your life, guys. Theres a reason thats the greatest soda of all time.

I know The jets have a patchwork offensive line, and I know we signed 4 power forwards in the offseason, so theres a need to feel like Julius Randle in the point and Taj Gibson is your shooting guard rounded out with Morris and Bobby Portis on the wing, but life CAN be better spent than 1billion on powerforwards and eldgrid Payton, AND Trumain Johnson. But this is life. Roll with the punches or dont roll at all. Keleche, I'll smell ya later, is out for the team because of medical conditions and Mosley will probably end up on the IR for the season. Can we get some accountability and fire someone in the training staff? Can we get some fucking answers to whats going on with Dennis Smith Jrs back?

I cant express enough my grattitude for this pain and misery. Its made me rough on the edges, but warm inside. And I dont care about anything.

Every Sunday i put on my makeup and fill my pants with pudding. See I just took a benadryl and it turns out I can smell all the shit. All your shit from here DolanJohnsonFizdaleGase. Its a collective asshole dumping all over my day every day .

So ill leave you on this thought:

What if James Dolan and Woody Johnson had a child? Would this be a horror film? Or a indie straight to DVD sad copy? Because we all know that shit wouldnt be a netflix special.



Serenity now, insanity later


Ps. although im usually a 1q Under guy....Even if its at 0 points. Today were not. See in the spirit of doing the opposite - my bet is the 1Q Over....than the under for the rest of the game... "Watch out hes sweating!"

Pio, again

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