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Lost Puzzle Piece Ruins Family

One happy family is no more after a lost jigsaw puzzle piece has pushed half the family onto the street breaking their quarantine this March. "I didn't think it was so bad!" said by 12 year old daughter Sally. "Who Cares?" the mother added.

The brother and father care. They strongly disagree. And they're sure that any single person whov spent hours, days, even weeks on a 3,000 piece puzzle can relate. Like being on the 1 yard line, only to realize, you aren't playing football. Youre alone and your life is one big joke. You can't complete anything.

Both the father and brother left the house that night after a massive argument broke out when that last piece couldnt be found.

We caught up with little Timmy and his father to get their side of things:

"We were down to like 100 pieces and if youve ever done a puzzle before you know that feeling towards the end. Every piece you pick up is usally a one hit wonder. And to get this far, after a week of frustrated dinners, sleepless nights, and on the constant verge of giving up - we saw that light.. i keep thinking how my father was saying - if we can beat this, we can beat the virus. We can beat anything... that last part hed usually say staring right at my mother. It makes sense now.. And it was like this puzzle represented so much more. For all that effort and hope put on this puzzle -- only to come up short one piece.. He still thinks my mother threw away the piece."

And we were able to get in touch with the father of the broken up family

"Well, yeah, you think I want to be doing this? But I've had enough. Just thinking of the time spent pains me...the puzzle not the family. We started on the floor. The floor! We didn't have a table large enough to fit both the puzzle outline AND the pieces.. So once we got that figured out - we had a makeshift. 2 tables ready for the transfer and ..... you know, why in the hell am i even speaking with you in the first place? I need a home. My son needs food. And im pretty sure my wife is sleeping with another man....where is that fucking last piece. Did you take it? Are you sleeping with my wife???"

Glad Im not that guy


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