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dont say you heard it here first

you heard it here first.

We got Leonard shipped out of here. A true CSB exclusive,, inside story. It is because of us and our people and our message that the Jets finally came to grips with gripes. Leonard Williams is no better than a 4th round plug n play inside defensive lineman.

We got him for a 3rd rounder. Which means Jets are smarter than Giants and the Jets know science.

"we got a 1st rounder for pennies on the dollar"

-idiot giants fan

Because If your getting Leonard Williams for anything - you lost.

Now back to us. We spent 100m over the offseason just to rebuild like a month later.. but if you know me by now, youll know about multi takings and how i virtually, not physically wipe my ass before going for a take walk.

Bottom line , see ya later Leonard.

Im gonna go on a limb here and say no one else gets moved... I think we keep Robby around for schnitzels and giggles.

"darkest dark is always before the dawn"


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