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CSB's Folding

What do you want from me?

What else do you want from me. What more can I do?

My read is in...the selection has been made and Im fucked.

Same old shit. Just another Quinnen for New York.

Maybe its the time for 3rd overall picks. First Sammy. Then Quinnen. Now probably, RJ Barret.


And I get it. Im supposed to be happy / optimistic... Be content they say. A life as a doorman is better than not walking into the building at all

To those complacent charlies i say this

I take trash like you out daily

Il never be like you.

Im a hungry wolf let into a sheeps paddock. Bold takes. Zero justifiTAKEcions.

Who knows what the future holds -- if we take RJ , he better win rookie of the year. NO more projects - no more development situations.

Maybe we package that #3 pick and everyone else to the Pelicans for Anthony Davis. Because just Maybe he refuses to sign a long contract and the Pelicans see an opportunity to pair Zion with RJ. Plus a future 1st we got from the Pordingus trade. Thats a thought. Couple first rounders with Knox and Dennis Smith along with this years #3, and the Mavs unprotected 2021. (it became our unprotected 1st after last night. something to be happy about.)

Maybe Zion pulls an Eli and refuses to play for the Pelicans. A boy whose now a man can only dream.

Regardless things are looking bleak, average, and complacent. I want fire.

I wanted zion.

I want Clyde to be happy


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