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@ComedySportsBiz is the new hottest Twitter account in the game

I don't know who this guy (or girl) (ha) (yeah right) (hey it's 2019 it could be anyone) (true) (but it's definitely either a guy or really cool, hot, attractive, funny, cool, girl) (it's a guy) (it's me) is running the account @ComedySportsBiz on twitter, but they are a great follow.

3 followers and 3 following? The magic of 3s. Everyone knows it. Plus they follow NASA. Must be a genius.

Shoutout to some authentic UGC (user generated content. get with it) / can't post non-youtube videos to the blog so here's a link to the Sandler clip.

They even got a like from the famous Lee Goldberg

They've got engaging polls

But most of all, they are still somewhat underground and there's nothing cooler than being on the ground floor of a cult following.

Consider this a #BuyNow moment for @ComedySportsBiz twitter stock. Someone call Jim Cramer. Investors/Followers... Possibly you!

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