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Buying Low, Hedging, and Fading Away

Brace up for some #Business talk by master pio. ANd Why not? its a tuesday , were all trying to get somewhere in the world ... and Weve got the good energy. its just about harnessing it.

And like a knife - you can use it for good to slice & serve bread or for bad and hurt someone

In a recent post towards my main dude Manish - i reccommended him to jump on the leveon bell anti bell curve. Because of course Leveon was gonna show at the mandatory mini camp.. he could very well be that type of player we need. The closest thing we've had to Curtis. Combine that with an emerging QB -- and its a type of energy i cant even comprehend.

"whats new in your universe master pio?"

Well besides lack of sleep - ive been playing the stock market of life.

Since Macs firing Manish has been getting ratiod on twitter. The public are up in arms, calling him out, acting hasteful and leaving Manish lonelier than ever before. In other words, he's hitting a new low.

Until now.

I bought the stock on Manish. Bought it at its lowest. I see opportunity and I pounce. I see tuna swimming one way and I salmon another.. You have my word that here at CSB were working tirelessly, night and day, to get an interview from him. So stay tuned.

In the meantime, check out this guy clawing his way out from the gutters:

Manish!! There we go baby.

And while were on the topic of baby:

"the big baby" quinnen williams? That right there bothers me . We draft him 3rd overall for the nickname "the big baby"? What?

And How and Why does Leonard Williams still warrant the name big cat? If we're comparing him to any cat in the animal kingdom, a more appropriate fit would be the house cat.

Alright well as the jets will probably have their typical 1 good season in every 4, you can bet your ass i'll be selling manish week 17 when we play the Bills.

Like a knife - it can be used for evil slicing bread... or for good and killing myself

Good energy


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