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Bat Soup Crazy

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

clever right? yeah not really. Its supposed to be a play on the expression "bat shit crazy. Ya know. Topical. But unfortunately I've keep throwing this word-play-(bat)- shit against the wall hoping it'll stick. And It hasnt. So heres to the place i retire it. The only place it can go where it'll both live eternally yet never be seen. It dies here Alone.


What the hell has happened since March? Ive seen the kids memeing their 2020 plans than their actual 2020. And i want to get involved. But then I think to myself, Memeing? Is it called a meme cause its all about me? A me-me mentality? And is it mentality cause im a man? or is it one of those; I think, therefor i may not be ? Cause I've been on record saying how transparent i am. (still not sure how to phrase this: so transparent that my children/OR my parents will / be /been / him/she/her/ they/their - questioning their / mine(?) gender) ((maybe this too goes with the bat soup))


It feels like only yesterday when i ripped a fart, I mean blog about the Knicks game I went to. Was my last live sporting event. Probably ever. Everythings gonna be a bubble now.

It was back in the the easy days of February. I remember how they were celebrating the Chinese new year and the year of the rat... which I found peculiar due to the developing saga of covid. BUt my god did i not expect this to happen. Fast forward 6 months. And you know my biggest surprise ? Apparantly in May I wrote a blog that I have 0 recollection of .

Anyways i wanted to chime in on the Adams trade - because It'll pair nicely with my bat soup mentality.

I love the trade. Straight up.

Two 1st rounders for a guy who wanted nothing to do with us? I mean this guy had up to 3 more years on his rookie contract. And already will honor said contract now in Seattle. So say what you want about his talent, which I am going to miss, but yeah i'd say he wanted out. And to be honest I'm glad he is. He's in a better place. Not to mention how I couldnt take another trade deadline heart attack. But most importantly, IF he played for us this year (he definitely wouldve sat out) there's just no motivation. I guess ive just narrowed it down to this: what side of this do i want to be on? the side tht now needs to justify/ get the most out of a guy who wants big big money at a position that isn't historically big big money ,.... or the other side of that.

And praise be to Joey D for what he was able to pull off.

See I remember the days where the old Jets regime wouldve gotten a 2nd/ maybe a 1st, but most definitely a shitty bloated contract..

So you tell me we're getting a starting safety (on a cheap contract), two 1st round picks, AND a 3rd rounder? Cause put me in a room and deprive me of water for 24 hours and id say how a 3rd round pick is arguably more valuable than all the above.

But in all honesty - locker room vibes are important. And Joe Douglas just set a precedent for how his regime will handle negotiating with locker room terrorists.

I mean its definitely a denial/grief type of justifitakecion -- but Bradley McDougal recruiting Clowney on his first day brings me more pride and joy than Adams has over a year. The last time i felt that good was when Adams tackled the Patriots mascot.

But why stop there?

Without Adams, now Marcus Maye gets to go play in his best position / college position - box safety. Bet you didnt know that. See the difference tho is he's a team player and with that 4.4 blazing speed it was worth a go to play FS, even when his over the top coverage was spotty entering the draft.

But You know what wasnt spotty? His run defending. And here's a "stat my brain most definitly retained but I'm not going to go find you go find it" -- Maye was the 2nd ranked S run stopper in the SEC. So Besides the health concern - Id be surprised if Maye doesnt take Adams spot as box safety next year.

Which opens up room for:

"ultimate glue guy" Bradley McDougal to now slide into his true position at free safety. Which in effect allows NCAA track hurdler all american legend, rookie Ashtyn Davis to learn from a true TEAM PLAYER free safety as he slowly learns the NFL ins and outs.

And he'll get some legitimate opportunities in dime looks. Either lining up or playing over the top-ball monger , white Ed Reed.

Now all we need to do is signed Clowney and Logan Ryan

Which follows with prediction.. On the contingency We sign 1 or both. Or none. Whatever.

The New York Jets will be winning the 2021 asterisk Super Bowl. Without Gase.

Cause you cant make a prediction without a risk or making an ass out of yourself.

Bat soup


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