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Adam "crazy eyes" Gase

Theres good crazy and theres bad crazy. Good crazy needs no definition nor defending.. its the bad crazy that always needs explanations, justifications, reasonings and excuses. If ive seen it once, ive seen it hundreds of times.

And ive seen plenty of things.

And look theres always gonna crazy. just like taking the Raiders at home +3, death and taxes. Those crazies are a sure thing --- because this world is built on crazy. There is no way around it.

For example we got good crazy:

nothing wrong with that up there. Because that video is beautiful. Its funny and Its great. Its crazy funny how not crazy it is.

Then theres the bad crazy

It was a rough couple years and were still payng the pied piper for Macs projections and analytics analytically fucking us. It leads us back to another golden rule:

Cause you know what they say:

cant spell analytic without anal.

As you all know im a gut test guy, an eye guy, and a fly guy. I make decisions on the run, and i go off my gut. Ive been warning all you readers of just me about whats going to happen with our depleted secondary.

There are some bad reports about how he handled his press conference after the loss -- that he threw the jets under the bus and took none of the blame. When asked about the kicker - he responded: "im the coach i get to do whatever i want"

Am i the only one who loves this? Are you all forgetting not too long ago, Todd Bowles? Who would apologize for his own bowel movements?

Or Rex Ryan with all his promises and all his "teamwork: building eating excersises?". Ryan with his blame it on me, not the team.

screw that

I dont want a best friend for a coach. I want a crazy eyed asshole. ANd thats exactly what we got here - and its how things are gonna be moving forward. AND i for one, am enjoying every secon of it. No more excuses no more skeleton responses. No more coffee and smiles and pretending things are OK. Becaus they arent. And the fact of the matter is things wont be ok for a little bit. This whole organizion is fucked from top down and bottom up. Bottom, of course , being the bottom feeders "feeters" Beat reporters.

our defense was great until they werent, injuries surely hampered us -- but it should always be a next man up mentality. Right? Just because Mosley leaves the game - our D shouldnt deflate worse than the footballs up in Foxboro. And If Sam doesnt have the balls to say fuck these checkdown calls - im going deep - than hes gonna learn earlier than later or later rather than never.

Everyones gotta be selfish at times and you gotta go with the gut. or As Kramer calls it:

the little guy inside.

Gase is such a different fresh breath of air i absolutely love it. ALl our beat reporters are frantically trying to figuring out the no more nice guy coach theyd praise year 1-3 then destroy year 4.

Cause you know what they say:

They dont call them discrete reporters or street reporters or sweet reporters , they call them beat reporters. Beat from the beating off. Looking for a story to fuck into non existence.

Hell they dont even cal them feet reporters. These guys do none of the heavy lifting. They look for an angle and pounce.

Gase is pissing them off , setting the tone - and these "beat" reporters are left jerking off in their own cold showers of tears.

Yeh we obviously need a new kicker . Yeah we need secondary help. And yeah we gotta get more creative with the game plan. No shit sherlocks. (did anyone elses brain also explode when they first heard that term as a kid?)

Gase isnt gonna buddy up these losers just for friendly press conferences year 1. Why would he? These reporters are just hyennas. The moss on rocks.

Which reminds me,

If any publications - Jets websites, anyone out there is looking to hire a beat reporter, id love to throw my ol cat into the hat.

I have 0 experience. But i do trust my gut 100% of the time. I promise you i will develop the greatest beef amongst all Beat reporters youve ever seen.

"Pio from the Beef curtains!"

Let me know

Energy, Death, and Taxes


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Peter Klaven
Peter Klaven
Sep 10, 2019

You're hired

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