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Updated: Sep 6, 2019

NFL Standings:

Green Bay Packers 1-0

Arizona Cardinals 0-0

Atlanta Falcons 0-0

Baltimore Ravens 0-0

Buffalo Bills 0-0

Carolina Panthers 0-0

Cincinnati Bengals 0-0

Cleveland Browns 0-0

Dallas Cowboys 0-0

Denver Broncos 0-0

Detroit Lions 0-0

Houston Texans 0-0

Indianapolis Colts 0-0

Jacksonville Jaguars 0-0

Kansas City Chiefs 0-0

Los Angeles Chargers 0-0

Los Angeles Rams 0-0

Miami Dolphins 0-0

Minnesota Vikings 0-0

New England Patriots 0-0

New Orleans Saints 0-0

New York Giants 0-0

New York Jets 0-0

Oakland Raiders 0-0

Philadelphia Eagles 0-0

Pittsburgh Steelers 0-0

San Francisco 49ers

Seattle Seahawks 0-0

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 0-0

Tennessee Titans 0-0

Washington Redskins 0-0

Chicago Bears 0-1

ZaDarius Smith sacks Bitch Trubisky... nom nom nom

Jimmy G catches the only TD of the game

Matt Nagy calls another pass play

Amos seals the victory with a Pickerception. Sweet, sweet, vindication for Smash Amos against his old team and a shitty qb he's probably intercepted a dozen times before in practice.

Heading back to Lambeau to host the Vikings 1-0. Hope somebody cracks that pussy Anthony Barr on the opening play and Rodgers throws for 4 TDs.

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