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50 Years Ago

THe Jets and New Jersey Giants met for the first time

August 17th, 2969. Simpler times. Less participation trophies and more lashings. More whiskey and less kombucha. Less Therapy and More screaming into your pillow.

"You want to kill yourself? Go right ahead. Im not stopping you" screamed you, back to yourself in the mirror because the pillow got too moist and soupy.

Now a days you need to make sure your Facebook Will has been written out before you take your life.

They were simpler times. Not easier times. Just simpler. And It must have been a hell of a time in New York City.

The Knicks were competitive, the Jets just came off a super bowl victory and the Mets were heading into the post season with the leagues best record. We put a man on the moon and Connie Kreski was the Playmate of the Year

... she did have some alarming large nipples

no matter the scale shes a 1. A green light. Not close to a yield sign... And Youd be so lucky if you got to smell her hair. Everything about her screams she'd be doing Yoga nude and would downdog till the cows came home. Id milk her to keep the milk and pour in in my cereal. Then use the rest in a carBONE-ara sauce. Hell She could kick me in the nuts and id be ok with it.... id even pay her to keep the sock .

1969 was one beaut.

August 17th, Yale stadium. Jets and Giants meet for the first time in the simpler times. Way before they named a preseason game "the snoopy bowl"... cause thats a good way to summarize the load of shit in todays society. They name a preseason game?

Internet do your thing and start a gofundme.

First a gofundme to Move the Giants permanently to New Jersey and stop us from sharing a stadium.

then a gofunme for my offbroadway suicide

then a gofuckyourself

So to wrap up wat ive started: the Jets beat the Giants in a score pretty close to my prediction earlier.

Jets 37 Giants 14

Namath tosses 3 td's, running back Bill Mathis rips a 31 yard run

and our special team pull out a 78yard punt return TD.

Wed only be so lucky if our special teams unit shows up.

Game starts at 7.


Energy Man

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