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26 Days Out

Its here. Its really here and were really doing it.

All the beautiful things that encompass football season: the crispy fall air, Sundays with no apologies, extra bags of chips, and a few toasty spliffs. Those, my friends, are a few of my favorite things.

Got a nice reminder of exactly this from Jets twitter this morning:

That was the good.

Now the ugly.

We are absolutely fucked at cornerback. Trumaine Johnson left practice Saturday with an injured hammy now questionable for the season opener against the Bills. Sunday we cut Derrick Jones, another failed CB project. And yesterday Kyron Brown, a rookie who was slotted in as Johnsons replacement went down as well. At least Darryl Roberts is showing up and impressing. Which seriously though means nothing to me because ive heard tht year in and year out at the likes of Antonio Allen and Marcus Williams (not the safety).

Its one of those Murphy's law things. Murph talked about what was going to happen - will indeed happen. So it shouldnt be a surprise to us that the 2nd most neglected position over the years for the Jets is and has been a point of weakness and lacking in depth. Of course the one guy we throw all our eggs and baskets at is a nightmare.

The #1 neglected position on our team? Its been offensive line for a while now and unfortunately the only serious good move weve made over the last couple years.. the guy i wrote about a few days ago.. i bravelishly foolishly and stupidly got ahead of myself with, Kelechi Osmele, left practice with an injury.

Brian Winters once again will be missing the preseason

Osemelya later offensive line

Back to some good news?

Our kicker Catanzaro who missed XP and field goals on thursdays game against the Giants retired Sunday. Hung up the cleats. Good riddance.

"Is this supposed to be good news?" To me it is. rip the band aid off now .

Also Jamal Adams is willing to play cornerback if needed. Which isnt surprising because im willing to put jamal adams in at kicker at this point

Ill leave it on this:

NFL guy Bald Sack Brian Baldinger has some tape about Quinnen Williams first game against the Giants starting OL. Q Played 11 snaps. Nothing too flashy but at least he was doing some of the right things. Hopefully our guy grows on this.

Without any pass defense and 0 pass rush we should be letting up 400 points a game ... yet with Darnold and co healthy I believe we can at least keep the ball on offense longer than the 3 and out drives weve become so used to seeing.

Basically what Im getting at is Quinnen Williams needs to become an Aaron Donald. He cant be a leonard williams 2.0.

Which he will be

were fucked


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