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2020 NBA Lottery

Updated: Aug 22, 2020


What a joke.

1985 . 35 YEARs ago.

For fucks sake.

It's not like we still got Pat Ewing suiting up for us. At 50 years old, coughing out his covid and keeping us competitive. No. Its been over 20 years since he retired and the last time we were seriously competitive. (no 1 playoff series win in 2013 doesnt count)

I want to say throw the Knicks a bone

Or Let me know who i gotta bone to get us that first pick.

And dont give me the "2006" crap.

Yeah so what - we traded that 2nd overall pick away for Eddy Curry. That was our bad.. It's New York, baby. We take chances!

But I'll take your 2006 and raise you 2019. Where after that bullshit changing the system stunt the league pulled - royally screwing us - we get fucked out of the 1st overall and get the 3rd.

...While The New Orleans Pelicans and their 7.5% chance jump all the way up to the first pick

Yet this year the Knicks have a 9% chance and still cant jump a spot or 2 ?


. It goes to the Minnesota Timberwolves. Who've now had two #1 picks in 5 years.

"That's just a one time thing."

New Orleans? 1st overall last year? They've had two of those in the last 8 years.

"Lucky guess"

The Cavs? .. 3 in 10 years

"bet you cant find another"

The 76ers? 2 years back to back

7 out of the last 10 yrs was the same 3 teams .

Dial it back 10 more years, the Bulls and the Wizards had it happen twice.

Look - i'm just making a point in the only way i know how.

Cause for me the worst part is trying to understand how these percentages/odds work. Unfortunately they don't make sense. Im just not into "math", or "reading"

But if i was --- you bet your ass I'd figure out the probability of the Knicks NOT jumping our pre-lottery position ONCE over the last 35 years.

It's just getting a little ridiculous at this point.

"Be happy with the 8th"

As far as the pick goes - it's honestly better than I expected..

That's not a good thing. I really didn't think we'd get the same old boring meat and potato pick once again. Sucking at sucking.

Give us the 14th already. Make us forfeit the pick god damnit. Fuckin spank me and rub my nose in the shit that we are.

Another 8th makes it so much worse... Like the New York Knicks ARE the 8th overall pick. irrelevant.

"We do damage with the 8th pick" - said no one ever.

Look at the last 3 times the Knicks have drafted 8th:

Channing Frye

Jordan Hill

Frank Nkitilina

The best 8th overall pick in NBA recent memory? Rudy Gay or Jamal Crawford.

The best ever? Robert Parish.

And i mean these are 3 guys over 50+ years. thats pretty brutal.

The embodiment of the 8th overall pick ?

Rex Chapman. an actual 8th overall pick

Whose now a hated twitter personality. After a junkie bust of a career. Irrelevant to relevant. Imagine if he was drafted 9th?

(also am i the only one who didnt know he was white!?)

..are the Knicks Rex Chapman?

Anyways - lets end this clean. Look at how hard in the paint the NBA went back in 2003:

Trade the pick for Melo !

Energy - it's all a man has


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