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2019 Draft

Trade up for Quinnen? Not this year

But the draft ended and here are my one week later gut take reactions.

Basically its summed up like so -- who cares?

Its about the hype and the takes during draft week. Stuff like "the real winner of this draft is (insert city name thats hosting the draft), "Imagine where this guy wouldve been if (insert player X) wasnt in the be talking about him instead" , or "Im surprised by this pick, I had him going at least a round later".. Thats what we're here for. Those justifiTAKEions, those trades, and thinking: "who the hell is that guy?"...until we see the highlight tape that makes us think we just got the greatest player ever.

Think im wrong? Prove it. But you wont cause you know im right.


I hate the post draft grades...Because just like the mock drafts, the mock grades never come true. Trust me.. This is coming from a Jets fan who saw an A+ grade after the likes of Darron Lee, Devin Smith, and Lorenzo Mauldin during the first 3 rounds in the 2016 draft.

Fast forward to now and 2 out of the three never saw the end of their rookie contracts. The others on the bench.

I honestly believe if a team traded away every pick, theyd get an A++ for prepping for the future.

Im just saying to have a little heart for christs sake. Or at the very least stop acting like your the Wiz. Cause nobody beats the wiz.

And If im gonna see any post draft grades it should be on the "NFL Draft Specialists" and their mock drafts. Master Kav says it best

I know you cant predict these things but when your on salary to study this shit - you gotta be batting at least 30%. You also should grow some nuts and predict trades happening. Not predicting trades is a cop out ... and its as bad as your stupid mock drafts or the Jets not trading up for Quinnen Williams.

So Why the fuck is McShay putting out 2020 mock draft? He got 9/32 picks right in this draft.. Which is good when you compare it to the 2/32 stinker her put up in the 2018 draft.

And by caring only about the number they were picked, I went 7/32. And I did that in my under'Spencer"Ware on my couch. Which means next year I demand to be at the NFL draft in my underwear criticizing Mel and Todd on their shitty mocks.

Energy? Get some


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