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19 Video Company (19Vidco) suing Corona Virus (Covid19) for copyright infringement

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

NEW YORK -- New York based filmmakers 19 Video Company,"19Vidco", is suing the Corona Virus, or "Covid19", for copyright infringement after the virus went viral, no pun intended.

19Vidco, famous for putting out 19-minute short films on platforms like YouTube and Vimeo, is claiming that Covid19 "stole our name" and is causing "significant harm to our brand." The company is seeking $5 million in damages from the suit.

In a statement to CSB, 19Vidco Chief Executive Officer Jack Mehoff said, "It's total bullshit that Covid19 thinks it can come in, reshuffle the letters in our name, kill a few hundred thousand people, and get away with it."

When asked if there were more important issues at hand surrounding Covid19, Mehoff had this to say: "No. I don't think there are. It's one thing for Covid19 to cause international panic, kill thousands and bring the world economy to a halt. That's inevitable. It's another thing to steal my idea. If we can't rely on our government to protect our creativity and intellectual property, then what am I paying taxes for?"

Both sides are due in court on April 1st with Judge Reinhold overseeing the case. Mehoff is due back in court on April 3rd for tax evasion charges dating back to 1995.

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