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Lets not get excited

Lets be real here . and lets not get ahead of ourselvs.. So I'm gonna save myself the energy from all the cliche jokes, the takes and the hopes. (Jokes and Hopes). And Im gonna stop myself from any and all type of jinxing and any and all type of bullshit sniffing. (Jinxing and Sneeffing)

At the end of the day this is all just speculation. Its all a buncha reporters reporting on reports, sharing reporting, and getting us excited. Its apart of the system. and Ive been here before. This system has been created to keep Pio down.

But needless to mention how fucked it would be if they both go to the Clippers in a "soften the blow" move..

Co reporting, woj? What the hell is "reporting with" you spineless sap.....yet here i go again with my ass sniffing.

So I digress

And lets keep in mind who hes coreporting with -- none other than Ramona "Sharp Teeth" Shelburne... aka Ramona Shelburner for woj bomb twitter account

really sinking low, woj

just like my energy.

And my boner


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