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I was wrong about DeVondre Campbell

Devondre Campbell was the real deal at middle LB this season and will hopefully be the answer for years to come. After being eliminated by San Francisco 4 times in 4 chances in the Rodgers era, it's time Green Bay learns from their foes and adopts a strong defense with a power running approach that can neutralize an opposing offense and execute in any weather conditions.

I think Jordan Love can be the Jimmy G of this offense and hand it 45 times to Aaron Jones, AJ Dillon, and whoever else we want to get back there.

As for building a championship defense, as the title states I was wrong about DeVondre Campbell. If he holds it down up the middle, the Packers are well rounded pretty much everywhere else on defense and can keep building through the draft and free agency (see: Rasul Douglas).

Perhaps Gootenkanst has had this plan all along, and isn't as stoopid as I once thought...

Still a doucher. People don't forget!

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