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How to sleep

Some Friday tips for ya.. a little gift from Pio before your weekend begins.

Ever have nights you can't fall asleep? Like your brain is wired and theres no off button My pop-pop nonno taught me to count to 10+ and for every time you count a number, like 1, you have to picture the number 1 in your head. Followed by a nice pair of boobies

and you continue to count up

But recently I saw a show or commercial, or heard it, or it came to me in a vision.. regardless of how I acquired this information, Im here to share it with you. And tell me if you already know of this. Drop it in the comments. You know Im following what you guys are saying. I love the feedbac. Love your thoughts and opinions

The new "summer sleep" move is to blink 100 times. I swear by it... Blink 100 times and watch your eyes get heavier than shoes in the rain. The last door on your commute home. Heavier than Will Smith in 7 Pounds. "Damnit he did it again"

It isn't rocket science here my pioeople. its simple math. Blink 100 times you idiots

Lets make that 10% of your sleeping life blinking too.

Talk about learning a thing or two. But Don't blink or you'll miss it




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