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day 2

Day 2 was Wednesday so Ive pulled an extensive aggregate run-down/through, nd up of how our guys did. I like to call this little segment trick or treat athlete. In OTA's you always hear about some guy whose out performing and looking poised for a starting position... only to get cut by August (Dylan Donahue-many-licks-does-it-take-to-get-to-the-quarterback)


TE Daniel Brown - this guys getting some love from the beat(off) reporters about some of his catches the other day. I don't know. Not buying it. he's just a man off the street. No athlete. A converted WR to TE, a move Id prefer the other way around - he's got a chance as a special teamer. but theres nothing special about a guy whose 26 and been on a couple teams already. Sure we released Legget, but you aren't gonna make a splash when this guys around.

Derrick Jones:

A lot of. hype towards "Bones" Jones - the guy who breaks his hip after lacing up. Its the first couple days of OTAs and the pads aren't even on. I don't buy anything about this. Ultimately it's Jones 3rd year on the team...3 years of no secondary depth. If he's got game Wed know it by now.

Rontez Miles:

Not only does his face freak me out - but he's the longest tenured Jet. And I think that says a lot about him and us when looking at the state of our team over these last few years. This guys like James Inhedigbo but sketchy looking. I don't like the way he looks. And Ill keep saying it. But for more of a sensical (is that a word?) argument, if going off the same philosophy I have with D Boneman Jones, he's had plenty of opportunities over the years to solidify a spot on our shitty Mac made rosters. Yet here we are once again, still reading about Montez Miles fighting for a roster spot.

Nice try Charlie Villanueva

Jeremy Clark:

Another Derrick "bone" Jones "injury prone" "PHONE-Y". I don't have the time or energy for injured assholes that show up during no pads.


Deontay Burnett

Todd Bowles would usually black out during whenever the offense was on the field and this was beneficial for Burnett. Because Todd always preferred to play Jermaine Kearse "my ass" over younger guys, like Burnett. So whenever Todd went blind, Burnett was able to sneak on the field and would actually produce. Like really well.

Also worth noting, he was Sams receiver at USC. Keep an eye on this guy

Thats it. Thats all we got to look forward as far as our young guys in camp.


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