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Cosmic Energy

You should know where this is going. You know what Master Pio preaches.

Life's all about mirrors. Reflections. Windows to the soul.

Cause and effect. .. Reciprocation.

Give and Take... Take and Give.



Cosmic energy is balanced around good energy. and Good energy comes from within.. It's easier to read than these words Im typing.

It didnt work.

Last week the Knicks ended up with the 3rd pick int he 2019 NBA draft. At that same exact moment. If not Miliseconds apart...

Noah Syndegaard gave up his no hitter in the 6tth inning.

What else can i say?


Cosmic energy works in balance... Cosmic energy works together.

We ask and the universe delivers.

We are insignificant and useless to the greatest and the largest of all things scheme..And As my dreams for my teams died , so did my basil plant.

Comic Energetic Flow

Dreams For Teams

Put it on my grave


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