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I got some good stuff for you fellers today. Im taking real positivity. OTA reports - inside sources, and unnamed ex-NFLers weighing in with their opinions.

Strap in. Load up.

Im a gut going hype guy who eye tests the eye test. Translation: I love the beef reporting just as much I love the "reports" "indications" and "insiders". I watch the draft for the projections.. and if it we werent in such a sensative climate... Id admit to jerking off to to Mel's big board.

anyways. Big news out of 1 Jets drive. or place.

Big news out the meadow lands.

" From all indications, Gase and Darnold are hitting it off. Gase loves Darnold's work ethic, the way he shows up early, stays late and pays attention to every detail. Theirs is the most important relationship in the organization. If it goes south, the way Gase and Maccagnan did, the Jets have no shot at winning games. " -- some ass clown outta ESPN.

But lets go deeper in the reports:

The pace of OTA's. It was streamlined. Im talking walkie talkies and a giant video screen so players could immediately watch and learn from their fuckups.

From "the cos" out of the NY Post:

" Gase had a giant video screen set up in one corner of the fieldhouse where the Jets practiced on Thursday. It showed replays of the drills and plays the team had just run. I have never seen a setup like that before. It is an interesting concept and a smart one. Players don’t have to wait until hours later to see what corrections they need to make. They can watch them immediately. "

And all indications are Sam responded well.

" The practice had a tremendous pace to it. Instead of huddling and Gase telling the play to Darnold, he used a walkie-talkie to speak to Darnold through his helmet headset... and it did not feel like there was any dead time in the practice. " - ny post

Good stuff. Good energy


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