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4 , 3, 2

Hey all,

I didnt . tell you but I took the weekend off.

I actually took Friday off and then yesterday off.

Thats why episodes 4, 3, and 2 are coming to you now.

First off let me say:

My email server nearly crashed -- i had to change snapchat locations cause of all you.

I can feel the excitement from you all. Good vibes.

So I say this.. thank you for your dedication.. Your cries and screams have shown me the love and prosperity to confidently say this next part:

I am taking a full time role with CSB.

It's been a long time coming.. And It's time to give the fans what they need.

Now to continue my countdown of things im thankful for as a Knicks fan

We will never be the New Jersey Nets.

For all of the Knicks failures - one thing is for certain. We will never have history to that shit land New Jersey. We will never have that bland white jersey and irrelevance that follows.

The Knicks can lose the next million years - and I still wouldnt roll over in my grave. Cause It'd be impossible. I'd have a hard-on for being a New York Knicks fan


The mecca. How can you not love it?

Yearly now we hear about Penn Stations remodeling and how were gonna lose MSG... But it stays put. Like a NYC trashcan pummeled with trash, weather and dirty socks.. it never moves. It always show up the next day cleaned and ready for the days shit.

I got our brief taste of championships for the second thing im grateful for as a Knicks fan. 1969 and 1973 - Willis Reed, Clyde Frazier, Red Holzman, Phil Jackson, Dick Barnett, Dave De"Butcher"Busschere, Bill Bradley, Earl 'The Pearl' Monroe, "The Rolls Royce Backcourt", Jerry Lucas, and so on. They won the only two championships MSG has seen. Willis Reed hobbling onto the court for game 7. Clyde Frazier with the most legendary game 7 performance of all time. Phil Jackson on shrooms.

Those were the homies. The Jets won a ship, as did the Mets, and these guys continued the winning ways. The good energy.

What it mustve been like. how those days mustve been.

Thats why this lottery, this draft is so important. Why its so important for the times change. We need this stuff back. I NEED this good energy back in my life.

ITs why i'm so god damn adamant with this good energy shit. You think i enjoy this? I enjoy lying to myself? Im spewing out the good energy for all of us. Im hangng on by a thread over here.

"You put good energy out into the universe and youll get it right back"

Is what I say to myself every morning jerking off in a cold shower.

Good is not great

Great Energy.


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