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What did we do wrong?

Like a confused child of divorced parents, Mets fans are left wondering after last night's embarrassment, what did we do wrong?

Did we not go to enough games? Are not enough people tuning into SNY to watch Amazin' Moments and Loud Mouths?

Is Mickey pissed about the Mickey Mouse jokes? Is no one buying lemonade from Brodie Van Wagenen's kids?

Are Pete and Jeff still upset that they didn't get voted into the All Star game and had to be selected as reserves? Does JD Davis not like the JD Wentworth 877-Runs-Now thing? Is Rosario protesting that no one else in the infield speaks Spanish anymore? Is Noah pissed that we forgot it was his birthday? Happy Birthday Noah! Is that what you want from me!!

Yeah, I went to the game last night. Sat in the rain during the delay instead of going home. I endured the 14 promotional first pitches and 16 sponsor shoutouts only to watch Syndergaard give up six runs in top of the first. Then two more in the second. Then two more in the third. 10 runs in 3 innings for Thor. Whoopdee doo, Basil. And of course the Mets scored five runs in the 5th to keep us hanging around. Then proceeded to get the leadoff batter on base in each of the next four innings but went 0-9 with RISP and stranding 10 runners from the 6th inning on. The first two guys got on base in the 9th bringing the tying run to the plate with no outs. Hope. What follows hope? A ground out, a strikeout, and a fly out. Pain.

All I want to know is what did I do wrong, Mets? I'll change whatever it is you need me to change. Just please don't make me go back to meaningless baseball in September. I wipe my own ass.

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