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Topped Off

Hey Tony,

First of all . I know what your doing with this Django Unchained

But here are some more for those staying tuned'.

Django Unchainyobitch and its a porno. Whips and Chains and intense racism. Not saying its a good idea or something id watch. But i bet some people like you would enjoy a racist porno

What about Django Insano and he pokes everyones eyes out

DJango - Djangos a DJ

Django Chain-smoko, Django rips even more darts in the sequel. THeres also a prequel called

Django PreChainSmoko a kid super into soda, gum and chips and a sling shot

Django Tango. Django enters a tango competition to win back his wife

Django Manchego .. this Django is a manchego cheese producer

Django Manchego: Melted Cheese .. sequel where he invents fondue

Djan-Go Fish - card game spinoff cause in this economy?

Bingo Django Bongo. A golf course with only bingo bango bongo rules. For those who dont know Bingo Bango Bongo rules - i doubt you care to learn about them.

Gringo Django - every role is reversed in a world where Django is white. .

..But Come to think of it the black on black violence in this movie would be sending the wrong message. Keep the whites killing each other.

My ranking of deaths in movies by species / race

1. ANything / anyone White

2. Aliens

3. a deer hit by a car in a horror movie that ends up leading the main charatcters down that dark road

4. Russian

5. German

6. Dr. Strange

7. Uncle Ben

8. Chinese

9. Villain White Women

10. Polar Bears

10. Vietnamese

11. Old man

12. James Bond (when wil he die?)

Last on the list

third to last: horse

second to last: black human. especially a black kid like G- Baby

last: dogs

Mambo Django #5


Anyways lets keep Django how it is, you racist

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