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This may sound crazy

Take the Raiders with the points. Take the home dog. CSB sponsor, MYbookie has the raiders currently at 3 points. So buy the hook and get them at 3.5.

Get crazy be bold, and do it.

Death, Taxes, and fading the public.

There is no actual sense behind this pick and in fact I have no idea why anyone would not want to take the broncos at -3 points. In fact i have no idea why anyone would want to bet on Derek Carr.

But what i do know is it's time things started making sense about not making sense. Home first game of the season, given 3 points. Theyre locks. Just like what you put on your bagels.

Anyways, first MNF games of the season. And were gonna start it with a bang.

Stay tuned for the easter eggs.


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