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Season Begins

Whats up fellas

I wanted to quickly rip off some odds and predictions (not really) and some other things that stood out to me for the upcoming season.

I got destroyed last weekend ...but really ive been getting pummeled since week 6 of 2017. Eagles vs Panthers.

It was a beautiful october night in San Francisco and your guy Pio was riding a hot streak so hot you needed kitchen mits to touch me. I was on top of the world.

I was hitting on majority of my bets that year which was why i was a couple ketchup packets up and willing to throw 4K on a thursday night football game. and for al you assholes that scoff at a 4k bet. WHen you dont have insurance, for anything, and rent is 1,500. 4k is basically the value of my life (1st and last months rent + money to get my car fixed & send it off a bridge with me inside it)

I parlayed Eagles ML and the over. Whamsauce. What a feeling.

I walked into my office that next Friday morning up 8k and swearing it was my last day ever working corporate. You all know that feeling.

And you also know the feeling looking back knowing:

How wrong i was.

on the anniversary of 10/12/17 i will go more into detail of the spiraling my life has taken since that glorious day (easily best day of my life) . October 12, 2017. Never forget... Always remember. Put it on my tombstone:

Pio Birth: Unknown , Death: Unknown

"What we really know is he was alive on 10/12/2017"

...also while were on this note, put this on my tombstone as well:

"Life is like a dog park...we're all just sniffing ass"

So to the business:

NFL starts tonight. Im sure Master Fudge Packer / Wade Bloggs / Tony Sparano / Peach Cobbler will have a tasty write up on every reason to take the Packers. So let me get this out of the way: always hedge the fudge

Here are the odds for the season from (working on an ad rev deal here)

+7000 for the Jets. Ya gotta be crazy not to take them, right?!

Really the safest bet here has to be the Saints +1000. They were so so close to another superbowl. I mean a horrible no-call by the refs away from the Superbowl. You have to believe their feeling it.. and especially feeling Drews last year and/or the ressurection of Teddy Bridgewater (i lowkey/highkey cant wait for that day)

I think a fun one to take are the Texans +3300. And as much as I hate the Cowboys - i think +2100 are good odds to grab, only to sell off by week 16.

But really, take the Jets +7000.

Dont say ya heard it here first.

but you heard it here first.

Some other interesting prop bets from our newest sponsor, promo code: "sponsor me im broke"

Are potential SB matchups:

Saints Ravens... thats a superbowl i could realy "veg" out to

Good luck out there motherfuckers.

I love you

Pio "lifes like a dog park...were all just sniffing ass'



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