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Maccag"naan"-na na na na hey hey hey. Manish.

Were still alive alright.

Listen to me.... Its not your fault.

And Alls going to be good, ok.. trust me on this. everythings going to be great...CSB's here and weve got you covered.

Its just a standard pulse check here from Pio. Night fall has arrived and the city hasnt burned matter how badly Manish "Beta" Mehta wants it to

A crazy 24 hours. Knicks miss out on Zion and Mike Mac gets canned after losing a power struggle to the man he hired 3 months ago. Crazy, right?

Reports... mainly from Manish, indicate Head Coach and now interim GM, Adam Gase wasnt about all that money doled out to free agents Leveon Bell or CJ Mosley.. That Gase didnt want to spend big money on anything..? I dk im not the best reader or writer but i am the best gut guy out there so you can trust me when i say There are holes in Manishs articles.. More holes than the pokes in a standard 16 inch pot after the last frost.

So how much can you trust a butthurt beat reporter?

Lets not forget:

This was 3 weeks ago....A trend going on for over 3 years. Manish has aways clearly been Mac's puppet -- his mouth piece, will you..

And I can't and never would trust a word he says. it was always all fun and dandy

Cause it used to be used to be bearable.. a bearable cute act...Like being out on a first date and you notice yuor date only takes bites when you do... she only chew while your chewing. But you arent sure if its for real so you order some fried zucchini and calamari and fake her out with some half bites... Until you find yourself asking questions as prerequisites for bites of that tasty margherita entree pizza dish with the only goal of making her feel uncomfortable when shes responding.. Shes trying to balance bite to bite synergy and her answers. But she cant. She doesnt knnow whether to answer you or bite with you.. And now you gotta bring it all back together. So you get a bottle of red and build her up with some synchronized chewing.. . then go to the bathroom and sniff some cocaine.

Bearable tuesday stuff.

Manish more likely than not doesnt eat fried zucchini. But he is An angry little man who never got his Jets jersey. And to be honest, its the first time in my life ive felt bad for Mike Maccagnan.. not cause he got fired -- but because of hwo many missed calls / voicemails / texts/ emails/ random show ups / apologies / crying angry hateful confused messages he must have received from Manish over the last 12 hours.

"Mike. Do you have 5 min for a dunkin muffin and medium coffee?"

"Mike its me. I havnt heard from you and I dont know what to do. Should i run with that doomsday story we prepped? I have my bags ready and am awaiting your next directions on where to meet you. I know ive fantasized about us and the ending from Shawshank Redemption... but i dont know...if I could get your coffee every morning while were fixing that boat. Should i bring your favorite french press? Is the water good down south? Call me back."

So Manish - I know youre reading this.

These are the New York fuckn Jets. You idiot! I dont even feel bad. There was a time where I considered you a rival. And I wanted to take you down. But you actually fell for this?? And you get paid to do this??

What else did you expect?

You and Maccagnan sailing off into the sunset while sharing a fresh mint mojito crafted by a boat to boat mojito barista?

All the while Jamal's taking control of the boom, Sams' steering the ship and Rich Cimini is scrubbing the poop deck?

Look at you. Get it together, man... You honestly expected something different from our Jets?

So your revenge is to start up some rumors including Leveon Bell and stir it up against the Jets and Adam Gase?

See I speak for the people. Not the state. Hear me and hear me clear: I am the product of the Jets suffering fan base. Like a blonde son in a family of italians whose questioned his legitmacy. Im left in the basement to eat 2 week old dominos cheesy bread -- Theyve created me. And Im going no where.

I am for the masses... Not the small. And You are now our enemy, Manish.. Without Maccagnan to hide behind, your colors are as clear as a baboons ass. Trying to create a divide with your newspaper and your clickbait. You should rot in jail for acting like some baby back bitch.


Youre going down Manish. I wont stop until The #Ciminion army is tossing you around like Gathafi and Rich himself punts your head farther than Lachlan Edwards ever could. Theres a rebellion brewing, Manish... and it isnt the brewing from the coffee pot you started for Mac.

French Vanilla, again?


SO Now thats out of the way. Whats next? Where to go from here?? I hear you my people. CSB fans from high and low far and wide, near and closer. What about the New York Jets Master Pio??

I'll tell you.

Fade the mother fucking public my friends. Were gona be great. Ive neverfelt such a sure thing..

Oh we're a dumpster fire because we got rid of one of the worst GMs ever and we traded away our not even depth chart listed linebacker??

Yeah its a weird time for this to happen.. But like ive said my good people. Hear me out.

See I dont believe any of the reports out there. Yes im definitely bothered about Manishs' teenage-drama-filled-bitchfest clickbait .. But thats a personal thing between manish and i.

My take on how things went down is way simpler:

Maccagnan deserved to be fired cause he sure as hell didnt deserve this job. and Adam Gase knew this and has been well aware of it so he leveraged his fresh breath of air to whisper those insecurities into Christopher Johnsons ear.

And Im all for it at this point. I feel like the best coaches /football characters are the slimiest ones.. The ones you just hate to look at ... And maybe im reaching here...Caus why the hell not

Bottom line is this

Mac miraculously survived but it was never gonna be for long. They were going to "reassess" him after the season. Whatever that even means.

Mac had one last chance with the draft and negotiate a blockbuster trade out of that 3rd pick. Yet he did nothing..didnt make a move, made 0 trades in the first two days. Like a waiter who comes to you with a soft tone.. Just happy to be there. I think that was the straw that broke the hippies crack pipe.

Within a day of GM status Gase traded away Darron Lee for a 2020 6th rounder. Which is a miracle we were able to get something for yet anohter bust of Maccagnans.. Lee more likely than not was going to be cut before the season even started.

Comparibly? Last year Mac traded away a 5th round pick to the 49ers for a injured, then suspended cornerback in Rashard Robinson. In 1 year he played like 80 snaps with 70 of them being special teams. Hes already been cut. This is just one of a million. I hate feeling like i gotta list them even if i have in the past. But im gonna.

Devin smith, hackenberg, dylan donahue, cromartie, lorenzo mauldin, ardrius stwart, chad hansen (brothers), jarvis harrington, fitz, bryce petty, juston burris,DARRON LEE(the tiniest nug away from a suspension) ...I mean how many god damn chances was Maccagnan going to get??

The Proof is in the pudding. Mac -- His M.O -- was his ability for inabilities.

"Sometimes the best move is to not move at all"

-any loser ever

Gase mustve known its kill or be killed -- sink with the ship or at least throw on a lifevest and start whistling... He HAD to remove Maccagnan from the scene.. Cause why wait a year for a new GM?

It was Gase's opportunity. An opportunity at the very least to fix the dysfunction of Mac. To get a GM of his liking while he still has leverage or doesnt have the lack of leverage.

Keep in mind Gase hasnt been succesful in the AFC East either. So it isnt like hes got this clear pass of 4, 5 wins. And if Mac was to stick around, then theres no chance they both survive a 6-10, or 7-9 season.. Cause realistically - unless Quinnen wins rookie of the year, Trumaine Johnson has a Pro Bowl yr, Polite has 5 sacks and Chuma is starting by day 1 protecting Sam to a playoff bye/birth... Unless that happens, Mac gets canned after the season and brings Gase down with him. No new GM is gonna take on a coach with an already poor record in the division.. Let alone come into the scene and not be able to pick their guy. Its simple mathemanalytics

As in math-man-alytics.

And if you dont get it.. its probaly cause Your a girl.

So why should Gase wait? Why sit around with his thumb up his ass and act like every one else in the Jets organization

"The best move to make is none at all" -Johnson Family Creed

Gase has some fire to him and I fuckin respect it.. And at the very least hes willing to burn a bridge -- or in Manishs' case cover a path with some old leaves and twigs or something.... Burn bridges never the less with an aggression we havent seen since Big Bill Belichick Belicheck-mated us back in 1999

Call it crazy but im all for it. I dont think Gase is at all upset about Leveon Bell. I think that was a Maccagnan/Manish combo last ditch effort. I think Gase just knew paired with Maccagnan hes a goner. He had to see in person how shit Mac was...or had to use Maccagnan for his chance with a legitimate starting QB if those crazy cuckoo eyes work in the NFL.

Who knows. All I know is he made a calculated smart power move, got rid of a slacker in darron lee, and broke Manishs heart in 12 hours.

While Manish on the other hand will be having some sleepless nights ahead after being sold a rat turd by a snake salesman

Lifes all about cause and effect. Cause and effect baby. You do nothing you get nothing.

Energy + Nomic = Ergonomics

YGRENE = Gang Green is BAKC BABY . Y Chromosome = Some Zone defense

Fuck you Manish

Good energy


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