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Jets 2020 Projected 53 Man Team: MLB

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

I want to take a minute to acknowledge that my last 2 position blogs took a lot of energy. Physically and mentally killed me. Like a spider web crack, I unraveled. So moving forth - I'm going to TRY and ignore all the little things that make me want to kill myself. Stay clear of the irrelevant minutia that takes time from my life, years off my brain and thousands of MY words ....

.....Like for ex: how we gave $53.5M in guaranteed money to Muhammed Wilkerson ...the same EXACT # of sacks John Abraham had on the Jets before they decided to not pay him and instead trade him away.

(53.5 sacks)

So I'll calm down.. but I can't promise I'll stay on the fairway. That wouldn't be fair to you.

Because as I'm learning - so are you... It's why I go the extra yard (to my neighbors) and weed-whack-myself off.

I'm not afraid to ask the questions, dig around. Get dirty.

I wear myself on the same sleeves I roll up before punching the earth for answers. I'm a vessel of truth. Of energy.

In other words:

I tell the STORY. I light candles..and when there are no candles, I go out and find the right one with a quick "no mask" sniff while no one's looking. BECAUSE I HAVE TO SET THE MOOD. I paint the picture.

No one loves you like i do...And you have my word on this.

..By the way, Did i mention killing myself?

MLB CJ Mosley opted out for Covid reasons - meaning he'll collect $150K while his contract gets extended another year (as if this year never happens) .. Basically he's not bothering to risk his ass, in what's going to be our asterisk superbowl season.

And while he does get more time to recover -- I'm unfortunately given more time to convince and justify to myself that Blake Cashman is actually cool.

Like I'll force myself to do this.. and then he'll inevitably get cut and I'll inevitably look at the "time is a flat circle" meme which by then will probably be tattood on my chest.

But before getting in Blake "lives matter" Cashman - let's start from the top, with Avery Williamson, the guy before the guy in CJ Mosley.

We signed Williamson from the Titans 2 years ago -- and in 2018 (only season with the Jets) he recorded 120 tackles. Last year he tears his ACL in the preseason, beginning the ripple effect of every player on our team dying at one point over the season. And I will gladly argue that him and CJ would've been a hands down top 5 starting MLB group if both stayed healthy.

Anyways, onto this year, where Williamson, 28, is on the last of that contract. Reclaiming the starting role and anchoring this defense during troubled times.

To think that only a few weeks ago Williamson was an expected cap casualty - he's now starting for the Jets and is one of the teams most important players.

.. How things change in the NFL...

"Suck it world!" - Williamson

After Williamson and then Mosley, 2019 5th round pick from Minnesota, Blake "enter the" Cashman went down after 7 games due to his well known shoulder injuries. Which has been an issue for him dating back to college. Honestly at this point you'd think he's just a walking celery stick. 0 meat in the rotators. In fact I'd bet Chad Pennington could beat him in an arm wrestle.

But Cashman is back, fully recovered and apparently at ease with the defense. Receiving all first team reps while Williamson is still out. And.... dare i say, ..good? Coaches have been raving about what the 2nd yr linebacker can bring to the defense. He's a versatile, speedy player who can keep up with more than just the tight end after running a 4.5 40 at the combine. One of those "swiss army" , " chess piece" players on defense... Or what I call "Darron Lee"

But you combine the familiarity of 2 years under Gregg Williams with the young athleticism in guys like Cashman, Q Williams, Ashyton Davis, Maye, etc - makes reason to be excited towards the potential packages / disguises they can throw out there.

It's just about staying healthy.

Stay. Healthy.

Because when you get the good , you get the bad.. and when you get the bad , you also get the good.

So let me get a little metaphysical, metaphorical, and Meta world peace with you.

Imagine the Jets and 'staying healthy' like a metaphorical "knife". That could remove my metaphorical "man boobs"

But where a knife can be bad... Like kill someone, slice a finger, or talk about someone behind their back ...

A knife can also be used for good. Like cutting away the crust, or cutting/divvying up food, ...and or cocaine.

AND Thats how I look at that injury plagued season last year. There was good with the bad.

We got rid of Maccagnan. We had a high draft pick. The heavily hurt MLB position had to adapt a next man up mentality.

Which opened the doors for these 2 unsuspecting guys:

Neville Hewitt and James Burgess.... who names sound like 2 people competing in an academic decathlon, rather than professional football - ..but I digress.

We found a couple gems in this group after last year -- a reason why Avery Williamson was a probable cap casualty.

Although Neville Hewitt joined the Jets in 2018, he hardly played.

Then Hewitt immediately stepped up Week 1 after Mosley went down, recording an interception against the Bills .. The next week he sacked Baker Mayfield.

After Cashmans injury, Hewitt held onto the starting role for the rest of the year. Ended the season with 75 tackles, 3 sacks, 2 interceptions and 6 TFL. Nothing eye popping.. But for an undrafted journeyman whose been bouncing around the league since 2015, and was a bottom of the depth chart afterthought -- I'll take it. I mean he had more sacks than Leonard Williams/Quinnen Williams combined.

"Just Hewitt" - Nike

The other guy, James Burgess is another undrafted journeyman whose been on 6 teams since 2016, majority on practice squad, was promoted late October and played out the rest of the season ( 10 games). He ended up being the Jets team leader in tackles with 78.

Both those 2 dudes have earned spots in the NFL. Each resigned with the Jets after the season for a couple Mil. Thats Good energy. Thats the good knife.

The play from last season is there. Both guys went from practice squad to starting.. And they held it down. I mean they were apart of that Jets team last season that went 6-2.

Unfortunately on Monday , Burgess suffered a non-contact lower back injury. Still no timetable to return. Hopefully its nothing serious. He's a great depth/rotational player.

So yeah -

I'd say your Burguess is as good as mine.

And the last name to remember is ex-raven Patrick Onwuasor (oh-WAH-so) who signed with the Jets over the offseason for a 1 year $2M deal ... A guy who for the 2nd time in 2 years will be filling in for CJ Mosley. But after an ankle injury sidelined him for 2 games last year , he fell out of the rotation and eventually off the team... Hopefully he comes in this year with some motivation.

An ex WR/S now LB , Onwuasor goes for the ball. Probably the 3,424,231 NFL player nicknamed Peanut, he does technically back it up. His 2.45% forced fumble rate is 2nd for all MLB with 200+ tackles since 2016 (1st is Lavonte David).

Patrick "Ah'- Onwuaso - horrrny" will probably be a rotational depth guy. I dont think he takes the starting spot unless Avery isnt able to play week 1.

Starting ILB: Avery Williamson, Blake Cashman (especially in dime/nickel looks)


Patrick Onwuasor, "Orville" Neville "Redenbacher" Hewitt , James Burgess



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