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Auburn Vs Oregon

Game to watch for tonight at 730. Or 8. Its the main ticket game. The bigger seller. "Prime-Time"

For good reason.

It could very well be Heisman of now vs the Heisman of next with Oregons' senior Justin Herbert returning for his senior year. Hes aiming to be the 2nd ever heisman winning in Oregon history - and in order to do so he better be making those alabamaniacs/alabamian/alabaminable/Auburn fans screaming from Home : "dang nabbit Justin Herbert 'Hoover Damn' what in the name of christ - i thought hoover was just a shitty town over 100 miles west of us. "


"What in tarnations, god nations, is going on here with this Justin Herbert from Ore-gaan, hippy land - tree hugging, free running, artisanal coffee drinking - cold brew - runny poo, god damn non identifying ski bums kicking our ass"

..even if this game takes place in Texas.

Sorry. That got away from me

Earlier i was talkkng about heisman of now vs heisman of future.

Auburn is introducing freshman QB Bo Nix the nations #1 dual threat QB in 2019. So this kid has promise. Hes also the son of previous Auburn legend QB Patrick Nix

Bo will be the first freshman QB starting for Auburn in 73 years

For some factual enlightenment insight-ment get me excited -

Oregon is taking the field with 17 returned starters from last year. thats 4th most in the nation if your keeping track.

And expectations are sky high for the ducks as Justin Herbert "hears a hoo" turned down potential first pick in last years draft for this final season.

Auburns' bringing back 14 starters from last year headlined with 2 All SEC first team selections at Dline with Derrick Brown and Prince Wahagoe something.

Im taking the Senior QB over the new kid. Not really because of the QB matchup - but mainly because from those 17 returning starters from Oregon - 5 of them are the Ducks entire offensive line. And if you know anything about Master Pio by now - you know thats music to my ears. Theyre beasts Theyre monsters and theyre all back. Thats big. Literally and figuratively.

The game takes place in Texas.

At cowboy "Jerry Land" Stadium. AT&T .


Auburn -3.5

ML Auburn -178

O/U 55

Im taking the ducks +3.5. Fade the public.

Bo "didley - more a medley is gonna be jittery in his first game". "Medley" its gonna be a blend of good, bad, and ugly. He was born in 2000. What can you expect?

Nix is gonna toss some picks

And thats my pick

See you later

I love you,


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