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Are we back?

Life of a Jets fan. Ya know?

Now sure you can be thinking - "i dont like this color on you, master pio" .. in which id respond - "i dont match my socks for this exact reason"

There is no feeling, no telling whats next in this unpredictable league.

Its a journey. an adventure.

SO strap in. Buckle up. Were about to go for a little ride

First and fore(skin)most. Whats up. Welcome back.

I was on PTO for a couple weeks. And when I say PTO i mean actually working. And when I say "actually working" i mean in the pigeon pose.

By this time my internal clock is done hitting the snooz. Were a couple weeks into training camp - and hard knocks premieres tonight. I also had sex last night. its like I just awoke from hibernation and just took my first poo of the season. Im talking about those Monday morning poos after a sunday of Kroger buffalo chicken dip and spicy sweet doritos washed down with 15 bowls of frosted flakes and cocoa puffs.

Still following me? Good

But theres still a lot to process here. The jets have made some serious moves over the last week - moves in whch you, my followers know, make me very happy.

We bolstered up bolstering that offensive line. Joe Douglas (long live) has maybe recruited, probaby just got lucky, and was able to sign Ryan Kalil out of retirement. Ryan Kalil, is a pro bowl center from Carolina. A two time All Pro. and at 34 years young, will probably be a bust by mid season. But at least for now - I have some hope going into the season.

The truth is this gets my spidey senses tingling and opens the flood gates of memories dating back to the 2010 , 2011 AFC champioship games in which the timestamp in my mind of those years are Alan Faneca pulling.

We had a great defensive and an incredible running game. We controlled the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball and it made up for a glaring (what a weird word) defenciency at QB. We had a pipsqueak in Mark Sanchez - and yet we still were possessions away from the Super Bowl. Hell against the Colts - we had an 11 point lead and couldnt seal it. Thats usually the trampstamp of a QB in way over his/him head. In this curious case of mark sanchez its more of a she/her.

The next year we lost to the steeler by 5 points. It was just that curious case of lacking QB that caught up to us. We had some good runs in the playoffs - and really they were runs, (hence the run), not passing that got us there. Sanchez wasnt a game changer- he wasnt a game manager. Every one knew he was a liability. I dont care about that New England game after its all said and done. Sanchez threw for less than 200 yards. Sure we won that battle - but battles are just as irrelevant as matching socks. Look at whats happened since then. The pats have won another 3 rings. In my memory, it was just another case, another day of sweaty feet.

And to put things into perspective, Sanchez was drafted in 2009 -- 10 years after Brady was.

(i wont go into my elevator pitch about that 2000 draft, the respect i have for the Pats, and who we drafted 18th overall. Alright, maybe I will. We drafted Chad Pennington 18th overall. The pats drafted Tom Brady 199th overall. painful. we deserve it. we are forever apart of those sexy 6 before Tom. Its all Dynamic fabric in the DNA of dirty socks) Got it?

Anyways Sanchez just retired this year after years on the bench as a "good" "team player" with "playoff experience" as a real "student of the game" for his 123th team. Brady just reworked his contract for another year to give the Pats more flexibility in cap room. What matters is the now. Not if your socks are matching.

That game against the steelers was the last time the Jets were in the playoffs. Our offensive line deterioated and we handed over the keys of our roster to an idziot (john idzik + idiot reference for all you idiots that didnt get it) and he dismantled our team. So in response to a real "number cruncher" general manager , we got a "true" #evaluator in "player talent" with a "good eye" for prominent player potential in Macagnan.

I know. whats with all the " " and the ( ) . Im really feelig them today.

So lets get to a trending hashtag:

I still have a hatred for maccagnan. and it isnt all about that free jersey he never gave to our main man- ish

He derails the fuck out of my blogs. So lets get back to the juice

I was talking about internal clocks earlier - and its about time the Jets internal clock of a couple good seasons strikes 12. If, of course, striking 12 is when it starts.

Sure we didnt get Zion and that was surely a curveball. But its always harder before it gets easy. Maybe I needed that to take a step back. Yuo sometimes have to take a step back before taking the right step forward.

Going into this year - we have a serious issue at secondary. We still have an issue at offensive line. But at least were taking strides. The Kalil signing is more about Joe Douglas caring about the right things and giving Leveon and Sam some support. Because Just yesterday Douglas made another move and traded for Alex Lewis. Lewis is 27 years old - a guard with NFL starting experience and will too, probably be a bust come November. But as of right now - it should give Bell and Sam, Sam and Bell, SamBell some confidence going into t beginnig of the season.

But Lewis didnt lose his job in Baltimore due to failing physicals or poor performance. It was mainly becuase he rehabbed his injury away from Baltimore. So it seems like a change was good for both parties. Now we add depth to an already better Oline with Kelechi Osmele 'what the rock is cooking' and were at least taking steps in the right direction. Lewis should be a solid backup. Especially to what we were working with before. See: Jonnaton.

That little step back to take the right step forward? Well thats because Trumaine 'lobster roll' johnson is looking good in preseason. Possibly humbled - possibly motivated by new dcoordinator Gregg. Running on us shouldnt be easy with Quinnen and Leonard, and CJ. So were gonna live and die by our pass defensive. And lucky enough weve got Jamal Adams back there.

Injury will be big entering the season. If Leveon Sam, Quincy, Foghorn Leghorn Osmele Osemele Osmele, Kalil can stay healthy and on defense Trumaine is good and Marcus Maye is good and just about everyone else is good than we should have the momentum to be off to a good start with a new coach to the year. Thats usually what happens with our jets. First year coaches have good first seasons. Its in the fabric of these socks

....And if we stink - you know my justifitakecion will be how its good to go against the grain on all our previous coaches and the success theyve had year 1. That it means were destined a for long term success.

But really what im looking for is the progress of Sam. Because realistically any longterm success is with that QB. Case and point: the Pats and Brady vs. the Jets and our 305 QBs in the same timeframe

"but master pio, its only year 2". "Shut up"

Sam missed some time year 1. Missed 3 games to calf stuff. And thats not just symbolism for him being young. He really sat out to calf injuries. and I need to see more than what he did, let alone the injury proneness, but because hes got some actual help around him. Doesnt have to rely on Eli Mcguire and Eric Tomlinson And Right now theres a lot of talk about Sam and his progress. That he's looking like the real deal -- and as of yesterday a new one -- Richest Ciminist wrote about Sams arm having more zip...that the Jets are thinking his arm is stronger than before.

So either this means hes got more confidence and is trending upwards -

ors been jerking off too much due to lonely nights and has been losing testosterone before the season begins. Which concerns me. Because If Sam cant get laid in NYC than we got a bigger problems

Either way time will tell.

No more snoozing. Were up and at em.

I sent out some good energy this morning. What did you do?

PS - Subtweet to the Mets - dont get used to. Sub .500 coming atcha

Its all good energy.



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