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Sure today is 820. 2 days late. But what else am i supposed to do? Not write that Hezonja blog ? Wait 363 days to post it again? Think again.

"818 till I die"

Brody Stevens is one of my favorite comics of all time. A west coast comedian, Brodys family comes from New Mexico - meaning he can read energy. He was raised in the San Fernando Valley of California, the 818 area code. And dont get that wrong.

Hence making August 18th (818) , a special day of remembrance in comedy.

Steven Brody Stevens was so much more than a great comedian who was in the #1 R Rated comedy of all time : The Hangover 1. He also had his scene cut out from The Hangover 2.

As a Los Angeles based standup comic, Brody was a regular at The Comedy Store, known for taking the legendary spot of closing out the main room. (Sam Kinison's old spot).

But that wasn't all. He was a drummer, an energy shaman, a baseball player, a drinker of apple cider vinegar -- and what he's probably most proud of , a television warmup .

He was a comics comic. A one of a kind force.

Brody was all about energy. Positive energy - a positive push. YEEES!

Unfortunately he left us way too early. I Wish I coudve seen him live.

His style is insane - it's so unconventional that I honestly cannot imagine what he'd be like in person. I mean we watch these videos and it's funny. Its Easy to appreciate - but when your in that same room?? That intense energy he brings? Must be undeniable.

I try and be a better comic like him. Always confident, always comfortable, always funny. Just how he holds himself on stage , I mean watch the videos. He's like the only comic that gets better when bombing. And thats a fuckin insane statement. Like it shouldnt make any sense.. The only time Better and Bombing can be used in a sentence if you have after in between them. Not when.

Except for Brody. He was that fucking crazy. He could light a fire under any dull crowd. He could make something uncomfortable , comfortable. It was part of what made him so special.

So His demeanor and energy -- yeah id say it's something i look up to.

I mean my whole "good energy" nonsense was something I picked up years ago as a kid when my dad would repeatedly say it.. except it wasnt irony ., like hes not a comedy fan in the slightest. He's just a "energy is in the universe" guy ..

So to see Brody screaming it and stuff. Yeah, it was a wild "sign" - for a lack of better words to keep pushing.

And in a weird way, my "good energy" sign off here at CSB is a tribute to the great Steven Brody Stevens. A tribute to the man. And it may be small, - but it is a tribute nevertheless. A way to honor Brody and the energy.

And don't worry - his legacy lives way farther than here at CSB and my sign offs.

He's celebrated everywhere with such better shoutout.

ESPN for example, just had one where they showed a cutout-board of him at Dodgers stadium. And at the same time of his tribute/memorial shot they squeezed in a M&M commercial.

Like I said - quality stuff. Quality tribute.

A crammed tribute for Brody..AND A tv credit?? - and nothings more fitting than Brody sharing a posthumous tribute with an M&M commercial.

Seriously though there is so much good that he left us behind with. More than the 818 every year.

Watch his comedy central half hour special. Or His album "Live from the Main Room" on Itunes / or vid on Amazon. Search him on youtube. There's so much stuff out there.

Practically every comic has a story about Brody. He's a legend.

Don't be negative




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